150 Watt BA Madeira

A beautifully made Madeira wine, just like sherry, is such a unique product. It’s that rich, matured, oxidative flavor (dried fruits, nuts, caramel) that works so well with our 150 Watt. We love the traditional quiet way the wine is made, in which you can taste the richness of aromas that unfold in your nose and mouth. The combination of the two is like an old lady telling you her life story when she feels comfortable. And because you take the time to listen.


10 %


Water, Gerstemout (Pils, Cara120 / Special-B / Melanoidin / Crystal / Pale Choco / Havervlokjes), Hop (Perle / Columbus / Cascade / Centennial) en gist.


10 – 12 ºC


40 IBU


47 EBC

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